As a wedding DJ, I was quite surprised and cautiously happy to see the Governor announced that he would allow weddings in New York State as long as the guest count is less than 150 people or 50 percent of the capacity of the venue and all guests get a COVID-19 test. The event also has to be approved by the county health department. 

I am excited about this? Absolutely! So I was asked why do I have some concerns....  The reality is there are a lot of things we still don't know.

  • Can People Dance?  Dancing was prohibited at events last year and it still isn't clear if people can congregate on the dance floor.  At one point you could dance if you wore a mask but the venue was left to try to enforce this policy as they didn't want the ABC board to come in and revoke their liquor license.
  • Who is Going to Enforce Testing the Guest List?  Will it be the couple?  The venue?  Will this be a new role in weddings?  Will you be my best man, maid of honor, COVID enforcer?
  • How far out does one have to prove they were negative?    Will it be days before?  A week before? Imagine trying to finalize a guest list not knowing your attendees' test status?
  • Do Vendors Need to Test for Each Event?  Another unknown... I sometimes work 2-3 events over the weekend and 4-6 weekends in a row. I also received the COVID vaccine. Am I expected to get a test every weekend, every month, every day, and if so, at what expense?    What about your wedding photographer and videographer?  Does the catering staff need to be tested before they can bring your food to the venue?

While I am sure more guidance will be presented in the future, I am curious to find out the answers to these questions.  I'm looking forward to creating memories and getting people back on the dance floor at your wedding!

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