What Defines “The Best”?

Over the past few months, I have noticed more and more posts on Facebook and Instagram looking for input on who to hire for their wedding.

One common theme I have found is someone provides a name and says “they are the best”.  Every time I read these I chuckle inside and think “the best” compared to who? Really? The best?   How many people can be the best? How many people have they seen to compare “the best vs the rest”? Is there more than one “best”?  I feel like I am in a Progressive Insurance commercial, like my parents questioning “what defines the best?”

It is even more entertaining when people refer to themselves as “the best”.  You see in food all the time… the “best burger” or “best pizza”.    Did you self-appoint yourself as having the best?   The “best” where?  In your family? Your town? The 315? New York State? Across the globe?   Can we have a competition, similar to the say the Little League World Series, and put everyone who thinks they are “the best” in brackets to compete against one other to decide who is the best DJ or photographer? Best chef? Best caterer?  Best florist?

Some people will say someone is the “best” DJ because they were able to get people dancing.  Shouldn’t all DJs have a goal of getting people to dance and if so wouldn’t they all be “the best”?

I appreciate it when I read that people think I am “the best” when referencing me but trust me in the big picture there are people in bigger cities such as Nashville, Las Vegas, New York City, and across the globe who are way better than me. There are some really good emcees and mixers out there. I’m not offended by this. They perfected their craft and this pushes me to work harder to provide an even better service to my customers.

So what am I?  I consider myself a skilled entertainer who has the opportunity to collaborate with great couples and clients who place their trust in me to create a unique event that fulfills the vision they have for their special day or celebration.   My clients believe in my abilities and know I can provide the results they are looking for to create amazing memories.

The next time someone says someone is “the best” don’t be afraid to ask what makes them the best…   Then again maybe this is all for nothing as I look back on some of my previous wedding celebrations and realize sure enough there were….. two best men.





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